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otway forest shiitake mushroomsForrest Foods has been growing premium grade shiitake mushrooms in the Otway region since 2012.

Paul and Wendy Troughton grow their shiitake mushrooms in Victoria’s stunning Otway ranges and are one of the only sources of Australian-grown shiitake mushrooms.

The Forrest Food range includes fresh premium shiitakes, preserved baby shiitakes and shiitake master sauce.

Our fresh Otway grown shiitake mushrooms have amazing flavour and are wonderful to use in recipes giving dishes a rich, intense umami character. In fact, Forrest Foods currently supplies mushrooms into some of Australia’s top restaurants including Brae in Birregurra, which is just down the road from our mushroom farm.

Not only do they taste fantastic, shiitake mushrooms have some amazing health benefits. They are a terrific source of vitamin D, iron and are known to help boost the immune system and reduce inflammation.

Forrest Foods shiitakes are available in retail grocers across Melbourne, Geelong and the Colac-Otway region.

We also have a gourmet product range of preserved baby mushrooms and sauces for commercial or retail sale.

Visit our products page for more information.

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