What are shiitake mushrooms?

what are shiitake mushroomsHow are shiitake mushrooms grown?

Our shiitake mushrooms are grown on a sawdust substrate which is formed into a small log. This substrate is inoculated with a shiitake spawn, which grows by feeding on the wood. The logs are kept at just the right growing conditions to produce our high quality mushrooms.

Are fresh shiitake better than dried?

Fresh is best! We think fresh shiitakes add the best flavour to recipes. They have the ultimate flavour highly sought after by top chefs and they make a great substitute to meat in vegetarian cuisine.

How long do fresh shiitake last?

Fresh shiitakes keep really well. Shelf life is approximately 10-15 days if stored correctly. We recommend storing them in a paper bag, in the fridge at 4 degrees Celsius.

victorian shiitake mushrooms from the Otway ForestAre shiitakes available all year round?

Yes they are! We aim to produce a high quality mushroom all year round. We control the growing environment which allows us to produce a high quality mushroom all year round.

How do I purchase fresh shiitake mushrooms?

We currently wholesale our premium mushrooms through GRAMCO, Great Australian Mushroom Company.

Please contact us for more information on how to directly purchase Forrest Foods shiitake mushrooms.